Cloud Optimization Services

The term cloud optimization refers to maximizing efficiency by selecting and allocating resources to a workload on the cloud. It has a multi-prong approach where We look at 200+ parameters that could affect the present and future of any business infrastructure, platforms, applications, etc.

Top 10 Cloud optimization services

1. Cost

Cost optimization services allocate the most appropriate and cost-efficient resources to each workload or application. By matching performance, cost, compliance, and security requirements, cloud investments can meet organizational needs and be optimized. 

While many cloud service providers offer native tools for monitoring your cloud spending, they stop short of implementing optimization services. This is where our Migration and modernization services can be very helpful. 

These top-rated industry services help in faster migration and ensure up to 30% Plus savings on direct infrastructure costs. Our wide range of customers, including Startups to Enterprises, have benefitted from 10-90% on infra, web & app hosting.

2. Performance

Since Cloud Optimization minimizes the cost spent by removing unused resources, this promotes the overall productivity of business infrastructure and enhances the performance of enterprises belonging to any industry vertical such as financial, gaming, defense, IoT, etc. If a business maintains the balance between capacity utilization and cloud costs, then it will function more efficiently and be more resilient.

3. Security

As more and more firms migrate their data and infrastructure to the cloud, a business must address security layouts. With cyber threats soaring, businesses need a comprehensive cloud security strategy to safeguard their infrastructure and guarantee business continuity. According to a recent research report, an average firm loses around USD 3.86 million to USD 4.24 million in one single breach.

With our cloud’s security services help its customers build a secure, high-performing, resilient infrastructure for their applications. Our partnership with the world’s leading cloud security providers such as Trend and many more.

4. Downtime

Downtime plays a very crucial role in carrying out business-critical activities efficiently. The average cost of IT downtime is $5,000 per minute. Several other expenses don’t show up in dollar form, which involves interruptions, lost sales, and less revenue generation, which might hamper overall business productivity and employee output.

Dealing with IT downtime can cost thousands of dollars and may open several vulnerabilities which can be curbed with correct cloud practices and proceedings. Uptime is essential because it aligns employee engagement and productivity to yield a productive outcome.

Our cloud optimization services help organisations deal with downtime and minimize data loss. The solutions provided by us can eliminate the chances of downtime and help organisations to achieve zero downtime while their infrastructure scales up & down as per the traffic on their portals.

5. Visibility

Cloud environments are complex; hence Cloud visibility remains a challenge for most enterprises around the globe.

Increased visibility into cloud environments gives decision-makers of an organization a detailed view of every activity and addresses issues related to high cost, application performance, and security threats.

Our cloud optimization service helps organizations gain a better view into their cloud environments and reduce the cloud viability gaps. With cloud solutions:

6. Compliance Issues

Cloud Security Compliance management ensures that the organizations comply with regulatory requirements and efficiently track and report status. These laws and regulations are mandated to avoid risks regarding data protection.

Some prominent compliances are;

7. Agility

The need for an agile system is coming up in every corner, in every industry. Businesses are looking to work and grow faster with improved efficiency. To achieve this fast pace, industries require cloud support. Simplification of internal operations reduces business complexity, making the business agile.

We ensure 100% delivery to our clients through Continuous Planning, Development, Integration, Deployment, Testing, Monitoring, and Feedback. Our DevOps services focus on agile and lean principles, where our team of qualified engineers and business owners collaborate to enrich new features in a continuous and stable procedure.

Our Docker Optimization allows you to build, test, and deploy applications quickly.

8. Scalability

Cloud scalability secures the growing workload as per the demand, the load of an application can be increased or decreased, bringing out the efficiency in the organization. When a constant deployment of resources is necessary to manage a workload statically, scalability is usually used.

With services and tools like Auto Scaling and load balancer, Rapyder helps scale a business according to the needs and requirements of the application workloads. The performance and cost optimization part of the business is dealt with while handling the scalability.

We provide solutions and services that nurture the cloud infrastructure, bringing in a highly scalable and high-performing, cloud-optimized infrastructure.

9. Update Complexity

Providing updates in a scalable and agile system is always a challenge. Without instant updates, a system might lag behind, resulting in delayed business.

We provide a cloud service model, SAAS (Software as a Service), which ensures that users do not have to worry about routine software maintenance. The regular software and security updates are taken care of.

We help by taking care all components of the cloud are up to date and that any security or visibility vulnerabilities are uprooted. By receiving default updates and an effective Disaster Recovery strategy in place, customers can enjoy the latest updates that the cloud has to offer.

10. Accessibility & Availability

Availability & Edge zones: The integrated availability of CloudFront CDN services has helped multiple industries to improve the accessibility and availability of their service network. Many of the applications that require extreme performance and availability, such as gaming, banking & finance, IoT, Blockchain, and the pursuit of modern workplace concepts for businesses, were given a high degree of importance for availability. IT & ITeS, Streaming services, and many more which resulted in dire need of core Cloud Optimization services due to accessibility challenges. With Cloud, there is an ease of accessing stored data from anywhere, at any time, and from any supported device, which can only be benefitted from a tune-up.

Our Cloud services enable proper authentication to infrastructure based on IAM rules, ensuring adequate security as per the need of the hour with a centralized monitoring system.

Disaster Recovery and data backup ensure that you don’t lose valuable data and a quick recovery with minimal downtime for optimized data security.